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Brothers in Arms Worldwide (BIAW) is excited to announce a new partnership with Bellator Aviation.

Bellator in Latin translates to warrior/soldier.

Bellator Aviation, a veteran owned and operated company, shares BIAW's passion for veterans and is dedicated to helping military members transition to civilian aviation careers. 

Delta Airlines has announced it will need to hire 12,000 new pilots in the next decade. American Airlines and United Airlines each stated they would need approximately 10,000 pilots in the coming decade. Military helicopter pilots will be essential to fill this huge vacancy.

Bellator Aviation started providing aircraft rentals so rotary wing pilots leaving the military would be able to have aircraft dedicated for time building flights so pilots could get the required 250 hours Pilot-in-Command time to enter the airlines. Bellator Aviation is NOT a flight school, but has partnered with Del Sol Aviation who provides flight training. Del Sol has an accelerated program to move rotary wing pilots through quickly and get them certified. Bellator will then have the aircraft so pilots can complete the remaining time needed. 

Brothers in Arms Worldwide will provide scholarships to military members to help offset the cost of training needed to enter the civilian aviation industry. While it originally began as a program for pilots to receive their fixed wing equivalency, the goal is to assist members in all career fields in aviation, pilots, maintenance, flight operations, etc. Bellator Aviation is in discussion with maintenance professionals transitioning from the military with their Airframe and Powerplant licenses so they can help train and mentor the next generation of mechanics. One of the owners of Bellator Aviation is also a certified Aircraft Dispatcher and has real world experience managing a multi-million dollar flight program operation with both rotary and fixed wing assets. Providing aircraft dispatcher training and flight following with aircraft conducting time building missions will assist both the dispatchers and pilot entering the civilian workforce.

We welcome an organization that is dedicated to assisting our nations heroes, soldiers, and warriors!   

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